Our artificially intelligent system captures data from social media platforms and displays the information on our live, interactive dashboard. The system uses Natural Language Processing to interpret and analyse social media mentions for effective data management and social media reporting.

Artificially intelligent dasboard

Keyword Tracking

Get each and every mention of your brand’s keywords delivered in real time. Monitor mentions of your brand to gauge user perception, identify products gaining the most traction and track conversations about campaigns and events.

Reaction List

Use this early-warning system safeguard your brand’s reputation. Get instant notifications when a social media post requires your immediate attention to speed up your response time.

Hourly Insights

Instantly spot trends in engagement across specific times. This allows you to pinpoint the exact timeline of a crisis and identify patterns in audience behaviour across your social platforms.

Content Verification

Track all the content posted by your brand’s social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to verify that your community manager or digital agency is posting the right content at the right times.

Engagement Metrics

Measure the performance of your social posts in order to analyse your most engaging messages. Use these insights to make adjustments to your content strategy to ensure success.

On-Demand Reports

Get insightful reports delivered in user-friendly formats. Use these reports to find potential influencers, geo-locate your followers, identify trending topics and much more.

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