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Four trends to include in your 2019 social media strategy

Four trends to include in your 2019 social media strategy

With a whirlwind of social media trends spinning into 2019, it can be difficult to pinpoint which ones to include in your strategy. Including trends in your plan will allow your brand to stay relevant, boost engagement levels and increase followers.

2019 Social Media Holidays

Working social media holidays into your brand’s content calendar is a great way to increase awareness or promote a cause. But with so many holidays to choose from, picking a relevant day for your brand to celebrate can be tricky. We’ve put together a social media holiday calendar to help you plan your 2019 content strategy.

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5 ways to include bloggers in your digital strategy

Bloggers give brands the opportunity to tap into a particular target market and increase brand awareness. This is why more and more brands are collaborating with bloggers and driving their digital strategies into new territories.

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The ultimate social media checklist

Are you finding that you have too many tasks and too little time? We’ve created a checklist to help you stay on top of and manage your daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly social media tasks.

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Four tips to help you spring clean your social media strategy

Spring is here, and it’s time to ‘Refresh’, ‘Revisit’, ‘Rev-up’ and ‘Review’ your social media strategy. Here’s how.

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Social media holidays to add to your content strategy in August

Whether its promoting user-generated content on Friendship Day or posting a tribute on Women’s Day, brands are cleverly incorporating quirky celebration days and holidays into their social media strategy.

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Five no-fuss ways to live tweet your brand's events

Live tweeting your brand’s events gets your social media followers in on the action, whether you’re hosting a product launch, media event, conference, or entertainment for clients. Live tweeting can be easy if you plan ahead, keep things simple, and try out different formats.

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Targeting on Social Media: The Why and How

Social media targeting helps advertisers reach their audiences on social media with relevant and impactful marketing messages. Once you know who your ideal consumer is, and where to find them on social media, targeting is easy and makes your brand’s advertisements highly effective.

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Social video – what it is and why it works

Social video is a powerful tool in the social media marketer’s hands. With videos created specifically for social media platforms, brands can target their ideal audience and bring their brand to life with attractive visuals, one video at a time.

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Three ways emojis enhance your brand's social media

Including emojis in your brand’s social media marketing helps your followers understand your tone of voice in posts and brings out your brand personality. Here are three simple ways to start your brand’s journey with emojis and let these friendly icons grab the attention of your audience.

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