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amaSocial delivers real-time social media insights through AI

amaSocial delivers real-time social media insights through AI

7 November 2017 – amaSocial has been using the latest artificially intelligent technology to deliver faster, smarter insights into its clients' social media activities.

Micro-influencers are Changing Marketing for the Better

Micro-influencers can improve the impact of your brand’s influencer marketing strategy. Many conventional influencers are willing to promote any product for the right price but working with influencers that have smaller social media followings is an opportunity for brands to reach consumers through a more authentic voice.

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Five Types of Social Media Chatbots that Boost Business

Chatbots are making it easier for brands to reach consumers on social media. With the help of bot technology, brands are engaging directly with customers and potential clients on social media messaging platforms. These bots can entertain, assist and inform social media users in the format they prefer: chatting.

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Basics of Social Media Advertising in South Africa

Social media advertising is becoming a powerful marketing tool for South African brands, as more of the country’s consumers join social networks. When you know what you want to achieve and what advertising options are available to you, your marketing message can potentially reach millions of people.

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The Super Quick Social Media Strategy Template

Having a social media strategy in place can help you improve your results on social networks. You might already have a basic social media strategy in mind, but putting your ideas on paper can motivate you to achieve your goals.

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Measuring your Brand’s Impact on Social Media

Social media monitoring and analytics systems allow businesses to make sure they are hitting all the targets in their social media strategy. These tools can also help you track the conversations people are having about your brand.

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Conquer the Decline of Organic Reach on Facebook

The organic reach of posts on Facebook has dropped significantly over time. However, when marketers craft their unpaid posts in the right way, they can still get valuable organic reach. Better yet, they can build lasting relationships with customers.

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Is your Business Ready for Social Commerce?

Social media is helping brands sell their products through social commerce, which is also known as S-commerce. These features are, however, still being developed and perfected by social networks.

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Reach out with Instagram and Snapchat Stories

Instagram and Snapchat Stories enable brands to reach out to consumers in fun and innovative ways. The stories are created using collections of photos, videos and images that display in a slideshow for 24 hours.

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Customer Support on Social Media is a Must

Should you be offering customer support as a service on social media? Yes – if you want a faster way of communicating with your customers, to stand out from competitors and discover insights to help you optimise your offering.

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