8 Things Social Media Tracking Can Do For Your Business

8 Things Social Media Tracking Can Do For Your Business

Social media tracking can give you valuable insights into your business. Tracking mentions of your brand on social media platforms can help you discover information about your reputation, target market, competitors and your industry.

Social media tracking services offer a combination of social media monitoring and social listening tools. Together, these tools allow brands to see the posts they are mentioned in and the growth of their presence on social networks.

Here’s what social media tracking can help you do:

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1. Target consumers better

Tracking mentions of your brand on social media platforms allows you to see the kind of people who are interested in your products.

How does social media tracking do this? It shows you where you have been mentioned and what was said.

Use this information to identify the consumers who are engaging with your brand, what they like and their general perception of the brand – then tailor your content accordingly.

2. Gauge the success of campaigns

Even the simplest campaigns may be a waste of time and energy if you haven’t targeted your market correctly. Tracking your campaign, as well as the response to it, allows you to evaluate whether it achieved success or not. With this knowledge, you’ll know how to proceed with future campaigns.

How do social tracking services help? They highlight the number of mentions your brand and/or marketing campaigns receive on social media.

These services can determine what consumers think about your campaign. This makes it easy to identify if your marketing message was targeted at the right people and whether this audience responded to it.

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3. Understand customer needs

Consumers’ needs change. Regularly. The only way to keep up with their wants and needs is to listen to them. Social media tracking allows you to achieve this.

Keeping an eye on your mentions, and the sentiment that social media users express when they talk about your products, can give you insight into what people need. If your business offering has been received positively for years, and sentiment is suddenly negative, you know that you need to improve your products.

How does social media tracking do that? It can give you information about the sentiment of social media posts that mention your products. Knowing that, you’ll be able to interpret whether or not your business is delivering solutions that consumers want.

4. Keep an eye on your business reputation

In the age of digital and social media, almost anyone can affect your brand’s reputation with a social post or online review. Although it isn’t possible to control what people say about your business, it’s possible to slow down the trajectory of a negative comment or article.

Tracking social mentions of your brand’s name can help you spot an issue regarding your business that may go viral. Before the issue spirals out of control, you can quickly deal with it, minimising damage to your reputation.
Tracking social mentions of your brand’s name can help you spot an issue regarding your business that may go viral.
You will also be able to see when your brand receives positive coverage. This instantly lets you know what consumers like about your brand so you can focus on replicating your success.

How does social media tracking help you do that? By keeping a close eye on your brand mentions, you can easily identify when an issue is being raised that could present you in a bad light.

Being notified of mentions of your business also gives you the chance to turn around negative situations. If a less-than-positive comment appears, you can use this as an opportunity to show just how good your customer service is.

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5. Stay up to date with your industry

To stay relevant in an ever-changing world, you need to know about the latest industry news and developments. Losing track of activities in your sector can negatively affect your business. To avoid this, social media tracking helps you keep up with news and developments.

How does it do that? It offers you the opportunity to monitor social media for keywords related to your industry. You can easily find out what people are talking about and also track news from industry bodies to stay up to date.

Use this information to improve your business strategies and ensure you remain at the top of your game. It’s also an opportunity to find inspiration for content that will inform your customers about advances in your industry.

6. Find influencers

People often share knowledge on social platforms, which sometimes leads them to be regarded as experts in their field. They can become highly influential amongst their followers, earning them the title of social media influencer.

How do social media tracking services find influencers? They identify the people who regularly engage with your brand or even a topic related to your business.

See which social media users are engaging with your content most often and recruit these people to promote your brand or products.
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7. Keep an eye on competitors

Social media tracking enables you to understand what your competitors are doing on social media and which of their activities are generating engagement amongst your target market. Use this knowledge to gain insight into your competitor’s marketing strategy and learn what content your shared target market likes to see on social media.

How does social media tracking do this? It enables you to keep track of specific competitors. You can keep an eye on their social media presence, marketing campaigns and the sentiments towards their brand.

Knowing what competitors are doing is valuable information for any business. Use this knowledge to develop and offer unique solutions that other businesses aren’t providing.

8. Find regional intelligence

Knowing where your business’ social media mentions come from provides valuable insights for improving your marketing and communication strategies. Use this information to expand your regional focus, target influential users and enhance your communication strategy.

How does social media tracking assist you with this? These services will highlight what regions your mentions are coming from, as well as the sentiment of the posts in each of these areas. This helps you identify if your marketing and communication strategies are working in the regions you have targeted.

You can also determine if there are consumers engaging with your business who are in areas you haven’t targeted.

Social media tracking is the ultimate solution to mining insights from social media – whether it’s about your target market, strategies and competitors. Businesses who use these services have a finger on the pulse of consumer preferences and their own brand health – putting them at the forefront of their industry.
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