Five no-fuss ways to live tweet your brand's events

Five no-fuss ways to live tweet your brand's events

Live tweeting your brand’s events gets your social media followers in on the action, whether you’re hosting a product launch, media event, conference, or entertainment for clients. Live tweeting can be easy if you plan ahead, keep things simple, and try out different formats.

Live tweeting can help marketers reach consumers that can’t attend the occasion.

How to prepare for live tweeting your event:

Assign enough team members. Eventbrite points out that tweets reach their peak 18 minutes after posting. To stay prominent in your followers’ feeds, you’ll need enough team members to post often enough and react quickly to Twitter users that are part of the conversation.

If you plan on announcing speakers or event developments on Twitter, write those up beforehand. Keep these tweets in a digital format that you can easily access from your device and copy the tweets from this source as you go.

Make a list of the social media handles of the speakers. This will come in handy when you share quotes from these individuals and make it easier for speakers to share what you’ve posted.

If you plan to post interview videos with speakers, organise this with them beforehand and prepare two or three questions for each interview.

Practise makes perfect when it comes to live tweeting. You can start by trying out one or two of the ideas we shared here and scale things up as you start to master the skill of live tweeting.

Here are five ideas that will make tweeting at your next brand event a lot more effective:

1. Create shareable images with a photobooth

One way to make photos shareable is to bring attendees into the picture.

Set up a photobooth for guests and share photos directly to your social media pages. This will increase your profile visits, as guests will go to your account to see their photos after the event.

Remember to brand your photobooth to maximise your exposure. If you are unable to brand the booth, ask your design team to include your logo in the photos that you post on your social media accounts after the event.

2. Shoot quick videos for fans who couldn’t make the event

Seeing that not all your fans will get to attend your event, videos can help them feel part of the experience. Followers want to feel like they are there with you, so be open to shooting videos that are not perfectly crafted, but rather have an in-the-moment look and feel.

Consider creating videos of your team setting up for the event or your attendees arriving. Short interviews with speakers can help to communicate valuable information to your followers – making sure they miss nothing.

3. Spark conversations with questions

Make sure you’re not just posting content, but are also interacting with guests. If a speaker discusses a newsworthy topic, formulate a question on the subject and post that to your followers. This can be a plain text tweet or a Twitter Poll.

To track all the tweets related to your event, check your Twitter notifications, as well as your event hashtag.

Find out here how amaSocial can help you track topics on Twitter.

4. Turn quotes into impactful images

Combine images and speaker quotes to create posts that are both informative and visually appealing. To do this, you’ll need either a generic image or a photo taken at the event. Try to choose an image that’s not too detailed or your text will be hard to read.

You can use your mobile device’s editing tools to create the images, or rely on helpful apps that make the process effortless. Have a look at the Canva, Pablo and PicMonkey apps.

5. Go live with Periscope

Live broadcasting is a great fit for companies that don’t have access to professional cameras and studios.

The live video streaming app, Periscope, lets its users broadcast events to their Twitter followers. Live videos not only help brands make their followers feel part of the action, but they also show that brands are willing to be transparent by allowing viewers to see behind-the-scenes.
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