Four tips to help you spring clean your social media strategy

Four tips to help you spring clean your social media strategy

Digital spring cleaning is necessary when it comes to your social media strategy. It helps you stay organised and realign your goals. Follow our four tips to refresh, revisit, rev-up and review your social media strategy.

1. Refresh your brand’s page

Your social media page makes a lasting impression, so there’s no better time to refresh it than now. Start by checking that your page’s description is still relevant to your product or service offering, and that all of your contact details are correct.

Write your page description with your target audience in mind and include search terms that relate to your industry. This will help social media users, who aren’t currently following you, to find you.

When was the last time you updated your profile picture or cover image? If you haven’t done so in the last three months, it is time to refresh your design assets. If you’re running a campaign or a promotion, you can update your cover photos to increase awareness and streamline your marketing messages.

You can also use themes throughout the year to make your page more relatable to your audience, like incorporating holiday’s or videos. Whichever you choose, you need to make sure that your brand identity is consistent across all of your social media pages.

2. Revisit your social media strategy

Creating a social media strategy helps you outline what you want to achieve with your brand’s social media pages. Whether you’ve set out to gain new followers or increase your engagement rate, revisiting your strategy will help you identify the areas that you need to work on in order to meet your goals.

To increase brand awareness, you may want to run a campaign on your pages or increase the number of posts you publish. If one of your social media pages is consistently receiving low engagement levels on posts, and your follower base isn’t increasing, you may want to do research on your target audience to determine if they are actively using the platform; if not, consider removing the page.

You also need to revisit your current paid media strategy to see the types of content you should be promoting. If you aren’t currently promoting any of your posts, you can incorporate this into your social media strategy to help increase the reach of your posts, engagements or followers.

Revisit your competitors’ pages at least quarterly to gain insights into how their follower base has grown, the types of content they post and their engagement. This will allow you to see how you fare compared to your competitors.

Not to be overlooked is your customer relationship management. A quick response rate will help you keep your community engaged. Revisit post comments and set a goal for your community manager to answer requests within a specific time frame to increase trust amongst new and current followers – especially on Facebook, where your Message Response Time is displayed.

3. Rev-up your content

As a brand, you want your followers to stop scrolling and take the time to engage with your posts. To do this, your posts need to grab your audience’s attention with interesting content and an attractive design.

If you’re not getting the engagement levels that you want, then it’s time to rev-up your content strategy. Start by looking at your post insights or analytics to identify which of them received the most engagement, and the types of content you have posted. Include the content that does well in future content plans and diversify your creative by using videos or GIFs – and don’t forget to live Tweet or stream at events. Not sure how? Read our five no-fuss ways to live Tweet your brand’s events.

Another way to rev-up your post engagement is to encourage your followers to interact with your posts. You can do this by hosting a competition or giveaway. You can also encourage user-generated content from your followers. This will not only increase your engagement, but also your brand awareness or reach.

4. Review your social media listening and brand tracking keywords

In order to successfully manage your brand’s reputation on social media, and keep track of your activities, you need to keep track of your mentions. When last did you review the keywords you loaded onto your brand tracking or social listening tool?

If you haven’t adjusted or added new campaign keywords, or removed old ones, since your account setup, it’s time to do so now. Tracking the right keywords gives you an indication of the volume of mentions surrounding your brand on social media.

amaSocial offers social media tracking solutions to help you manage your brand across different platforms. Use the below as a guide to determine if you need to adjust your keywords.

Brand Tracking

If you are tracking the performance of your brand messages on social media and conversations surrounding your brand, ask yourself:

  • Are there any new business pages that need to be tracked?
  • Do I get notified when an Influencer mentions my brand?
  • Am I tracking brand mentions made by Ambassadors to make sure that the key messages are aligned?
  • Have there been any new products or services launched that could be tracked?

Campaign Tracking

If you want to see which campaigns are performing well by tracking #hashtags or Influencer activity, ask yourself:

  • Am I tracking my campaign hashtags?
  • Have I updated my campaign phrases or hashtags?
  • Have old campaigns that no longer require tracking been removed?

Profile Tracking

If you are analysing competitors, looking to find Influencers or get insight into a specific social media profile, ask yourself:

  • Are there any new industry competitors that I need to monitor?
  • Am I tracking Influencers and Ambassadors?
  • Are there key thought leaders or media that I could track?
Keep an eye on industry and design trends. This will help drive your social media content strategy and improve engagement levels. Sprucing up your social media strategy should happen on a regular basis so that your audience stays interested and engaged. Start with a spring clean now, and put a reminder in your diary to repeat this process quarterly in order to get the best results.
If you want to incorporate targeting into your social media strategy, read our blog post, Targeting on Social Media: The Why and How.

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