Infographic: Social Media Benefits for Business

Infographic: Social Media Benefits for Business

More than two decades have passed since the World Wide Web was made available for public use and, during this time, the internet has become a vital aspect of everyday life for more than half of the world’s population.

An estimated 2.46 billion people use social networks, and just over two billion of these users consume social media on mobile devices. For this reason, it’s no surprise that social media is moving away from a ‘nice to have’ to an essential element of any business strategy.

Why you should be on social media

Once thought of as a fad, social media gives businesses extensive data about the customers they are engaging with and helps them tap into new markets. Social media is also a platform for companies to promote employee advocacy through thought leadership content.

Most customers expect businesses to have a social presence. And, according to an article by Cymetrix, businesses who engage in social customer service see much bigger annual financial gains.

Social media is an easy way for marketing departments to pick up on trends or breaking news. This information can also be passed on to PR professionals, who can write content to support their brand’s messaging on traditional media channels.

Social media also presents an opportunity to build relations with customers, allowing for the kind of two-way conversations traditional advertising can’t provide.

If these reasons haven’t convinced you to start managing your social media pages yet, think ‘competitors’.

With a social listening tool like amaSocial, you can extract insights about your competitors. Having knowledge about your competitor’s efforts, as well as the perception that consumers have of your brand on social media, will allow you to make strategic decisions and put you ahead of the game.
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