Four Smart Snapchat Marketing Ideas for Brands

Four Smart Snapchat Marketing Ideas for Brands

Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app where images and videos are available to others from a few seconds, to a full day. Because the content is short-lived, users are more willing to share ‘imperfect’ everyday moments with friends in a fun way, instead of the carefully crafted ‘perfect’ content that they display on Instagram or Facebook.

With all the filters, stickers and effects available, Snapchat encourages authenticity and playfulness from both friends and brands on the platform.

If these words describe your brand, here are surefire ways to get your brand started on Snapchat:

1. Partner with a social media influencer

It takes time to build your brand’s Snapchat presence from scratch. Snapchat influencers, however, already have a large following that brands can tap into.

To find the right influencer for your brand and marketing goals, start by following relevant accounts to see if they will be a suitable match. You can also look on other social media platforms for the right personality for your brand and then check whether they are active on Snapchat.

Remember that influencers have their own content style and tone of voice. It’s important to work closely with them to create content that’s in line with the look and feel of both your brand and the content they produce.

2. Share behind-the-scenes Snaps

Not all your fans can attend your product launches or company events, but they can follow you on Snapchat. Use Snaps and Stories to include your audience by showing them how your events unfold.

You can also use the social network to share exclusive images of your soon-to-be-launched products, giving your Snapchat fans the ‘first look’. Your followers will feel like they are being let in on a big secret, building their loyalty to your content, and ultimately, your brand.

Because Snaps and Stories disappear after the selected amount of time, these images are less likely to be circulated widely on other social media platforms. This means your brand still gets to launch the product on a larger scale, while building stronger bonds with your Snapchat fans.

3. Invite creativity with a Snapchat employee takeover

Show your followers the people behind your brand in a way that is truly personal – by putting one of your employees behind the Snaps.

When handing over the account for a day or week, make sure that the employee knows how to use Snapchat and is comfortable with all of its features. It might also be helpful to give them a set of guidelines on what topics or tone of voice your marketing team tries to steer clear of on the account.

4. Create a Snapchat playbook

A playbook helps you define the branding, type of content and tone of voice you want your brand to have on Snapchat.

List the tips and tricks you learn in your Snapchat playbook. You can outline the topics you want to address in your Snaps, whether helpful information or entertaining content. It’s also useful to define how you will measure the success of your activities of Snapchat. Will it be views per Snap or new followers?

With a consistent tone-of-voice on Snapchat, and frequent delivery of content that suits Snapchat’s audiences, brands can share their fun side with consumers in a way that is not always possible on other social networks. So if you’re ready, jump in.
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