Social media holidays to add to your content strategy in August

Social media holidays to add to your content strategy in August

Whether its promoting user-generated content on Friendship Day or posting a tribute on Women’s Day, brands are cleverly incorporating quirky celebration days and holidays into their social media strategy.

It is important for social media managers to keep a close eye on their event calendars to see how their brand can be a part of trending conversations and integrate broader marketing campaigns into their social media content.

Why are brands including social media holidays in their content strategies?

Posting on a holiday provides brands with a fun way to connect with their followers and start a conversation. To be successful, brands should carefully select which social media holidays resonate with their brand, and then craft a post that is relevant to their brand messages and followers. Brands can participate on social media by using the holiday’s designated hashtag. This provides an opportunity for a brand’s page to be discovered by social media users who are not already following the account.

Holidays to add into your August social media content plan

To help you find the right days to celebrate, check out this list of holidays coming up in August:

If none of these holidays are suitable for your brand, why don’t you using these daily hashtags:

#MondayMotivation / #MusicMonday / #MondayBlues


#TipTuesday / #TravelTuesday


#WednesdayWisdom / #WayBackWednesday / #WonderfulWednesday


#ThrowbackThursday / #TBT


#FlashBackFriday / #FridayFact / #FollowFriday / #FridayFun
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