The ultimate social media checklist

The ultimate social media checklist

Are you finding that you have too many tasks and too little time? We’ve created a checklist to help you stay on top of and manage your daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly social media tasks.

Social media is fast-paced, which means that you always need to be on top of your game. Use our checklist to help keep your brand’s social media strategy on track.

Handy tip: Time yourself when you work through the tasks on your checklist. This will give you insight into how long each activity takes so that you can better manage your time. You can download a copy of our checklist here
Daily tasks are important as they help keep your social media pages running smoothly and maintain your brand image. Respond timeously to all comments and messages, and check for mentions of your brand. Look at your Social Cloud to find trending topics that you could include in your posts. Keep track of Ambassador and Influencer activity to ensure that the correct brand messages are being posted.

Weekly tasks help you build your community and keep your followers updated with the latest company news or promotions. Finalise your creative assets and keep track of your weekly posting schedule. This way, you won’t forget to post and wont have to worry about a decrease in engagement metrics come month end, and you’ll be able to meet your KPIs at the end of the quarter. When you have completed your routine weekly tasks, you can research holidays and key trends to add to your content calendar.

Monthly tasks give you the insights you need to review your social media strategy. Your monthly reports will show you which posts performed the best, giving you insight into what to include in your upcoming content schedule, as well as the type of content you should boost. Reporting on the posts your Influencers and Ambassadors have produced will help you evaluate their content and if they are complementing your brand or not.

Quarterly tasks will help you determine how your social media strategy is performing and if you are on the right track to meeting your KPIs. Once you have revisited your social media strategy, you should also complete a competitor analysis in order to compare your performance to that of your competitors. This will highlight your competitors’ key messages, allowing you to adapt your strategy into the next quarter. It’s also a good time to update your page information and creative assets. This will help keep your audience's interest and may generate additional page visits. Remember to check that the keywords on your tracking tool are up to date and add any new campaigns, products or services that will be launching in the next quarter.

By using this checklist, you will be able to keep track of the activities you need to build, manage and evaluate your social media strategy.
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