5 ways to include bloggers in your digital strategy

5 ways to include bloggers in your digital strategy

Bloggers give brands the opportunity to tap into a particular target market and increase brand awareness. This is why more and more brands are collaborating with bloggers and driving their digital strategies into new territories.

Brand building is following a more integrated approach, where key messages are being amplified across multiple channels. To achieve multi-channel influence, PR professionals are adding bloggers to their media lists and marketers are working with bloggers to help drive sales and boost awareness on social media.

Because bloggers’ content focuses on a specific topic of interest (for example, fashion or motoring), they become key opinion leaders in a specific industry. Therefore, by collaborating with bloggers, brands can more effectively introduce a new product or service to an audience that they may not be able to reach through traditional PR and marketing methods.

Consumers are more likely to purchase a product that has been recommended by a blogger as opposed to one that was communicated as a message from a brand. This is because bloggers are seen as a credible source of information and have a positive influence over their loyal audience.

When it comes to increasing the awareness of a campaign, bloggers can assist brands by creating a blog post, attending events or including the campaign’s hashtag in their social media posts.

Here are 5 ways to include bloggers in your digital strategy:

1) Ask bloggers to write product reviews

Identify bloggers that resonate with your brand’s target audience and approach them to review your product. Bloggers will review your product and write about their experience on their blog. They will also create posts that include a link to their blog post and share it on their social media pages, driving further awareness and reach. You can ask for your brand to be tagged on social media so that you can share it with your followers as well.

Bloggers will take their own photos of your product and use them to accompany their blog or social media post. This allows a brand’s product to be displayed in an authentic way, which consumers can relate to. To build further media relations, you could suggest a competition or give-away where readers could win a hamper of your products.

2) Invite bloggers to your events

Invite bloggers to your launch events to help increase conversations surrounding your brand or campaign. By offering exclusive interviews with spokespeople, you will give bloggers first-hand access to the information they need to create content.

Encourage live Tweeting by sharing your campaign or event hashtag and ask bloggers to tag your brand’s pages in posts to sky rocket awareness around your event. You can also follow up by giving bloggers who attend a shout out on your social media pages after the event.

3) Have bloggers post on social media

Bloggers have an engaged audience that brands can connect with to increase the reach of a campaign.

To do this, brands can pay bloggers to create social media posts about a campaign and engage with the brand’s organic content. This will increase the number of social media users who see and engage with a campaign.

4) Use bloggers to drive traffic to your website

The number one goal for any brand is to convert awareness into leads – and bloggers can help with this.

Whether it’s a review or a social media post tagging your product, a blogger’s post is guaranteed to grab the attention of their social media followers. Ask the blogger you are collaborating with to include a link to your online shop or website in their blog or social media post in order to drive traffic.

5) Collaborate with bloggers to boost UGC

Consumers trust content that is created by people who have similar interests to them, such as bloggers. They are also more likely to engage with a campaign on social media if someone relatable to them is leading the conversation. That's why brands are choosing to add bloggers to their digital strategy.

Brands are partnering with bloggers to increase the awareness of a specific topic or product by making use of their social media pages. A brand can contract a blogger to start a conversation on social media, where they can encourage their followers to share their thoughts or experiences on a product, providing brands with niche market research. Bloggers can also ask their followers to interact with a post, or engage with it, by answering a question as a competition metric.

For campaigns, bloggers can encourage their social media followers to join in the conversation by sharing a brand-specific hashtag. This allows brands to shape a conversation among a targeted audience.

Including bloggers in your digital strategy has huge benefits for your brand when it comes to increasing awareness within a specific market. They are also great conversation starters who will be able to amplify your brand’s message across online and social media. If you’re looking to make bloggers a part of your digital strategy, you can use amaSocial to track which blog has mentioned your brand or campaign, as well as the ROI.

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