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Brand Tracking

The Brand Tracking service gives social media managers the social listening tools to track and analyse the performance of their brand messages on social media. It also measures the performance of your social media activity and conversations surrounding your brand.

Identify and build relationships with key influencers. Set performance goals for their engagement with, and mention of, your brand.

Select ambassadors to amplify your brand and track their social engagements to drive your overall targets.

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Campaign Tracking

The Campaign Tracking service gives community managers the social listening tools to see which campaigns are performing well. You can track campaign phrases, #hashtags or influencer activity.

Identify and select influencers for your campaign. Set performance goals to measure their contribution towards your campaign.

View and analyse mentions, engage with your community and respond to mentions by clicking on the post to be redirected to your social media profile.

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Profile Tracking

The Profile Tracking service helps you analyse competitors and gain insight into the performance of specific social media profiles, such as influencers.

See mentions created and shared by a specific social media profile. Measure social media activity by analysing the data for a selected time period.

Set performance goals and manage mentions made by selected social media profiles to ensure targets are being reached.

Get in-depth reports that provide extensive analytics for strategic decision-making. Reports are data driven and include graphs and charts to enhance insights.

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Topic Tracking

The Topic Tracking service allows you to gather information on your customers, industry competitors or topics of business interest to improve your service offering.

Hone in on data relating to key business interests to analyse product performance, customer feedback, trends, campaign engagement and ROI.

Get on-the-go insights with amaSocial’s word cloud, which visually represents themes and topics within social media mentions.

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