<keyword> tracking

The <keyword> tracking service delivers each and every mention your brand’s keyword matching mentions in real time.

Corporate Brand Tracking allows you to monitor mentions of your company to determine how users perceive your brand.

Product Brand Tracking helps you identify which product is getting the most traction on social media.

Branded Event Tracking lets you keep an eye on conversations surrounding your events so that you can respond in real time.

Product Campaign Tracking allows you to track product launches so that you can adapt your strategy according to customer feedback.

Reaction Lists

Reaction Lists notify you instantly when a post requires your immediate attention so that you can speed-up your response time to safeguard your brand’s reputation.


We use artificially-intelligent technology to automatically determine the sentiment of your brand mentions. This gives you insights into into the perceptions that users have of your brand, product, campaign or event.


Subfolders allow you to categorise your content according to key business interests. This streamlines your reporting and gives you the insights that you need.

<content> verification

The <content verification> service tracks all the content that is posted by your brand’s or your influencer’s social media profiles, allowing you to evaluate if they are meeting the requirements of your social media content strategy.

My <content verification> allows you to track all the content that is posted by your brand’s social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube in order to verify if your community manager or digital agency is posting the correct content at the right frequency.

Influencer Management allows you to track all the content that is posted by your influencers across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to ensure that the posts align with your brand.

Engagement Metrics

Measure the performance of each of your posts and use the insights gained to improve your social media strategy.

Competitor tracking

The competitor tracking service gives you insight into your brand’s share of voice on social media. This allows you to determine how much of the conversation is about your brand compared to your competitors.

Statistical Reports

Help you analyse your competitor’s key messages by highlighting the <keywords> that are mentioned the most. The Statistical Reports also help you identify your competitor’s key authors based on the number of mentions.