Track <keywords> to monitor mentions of your brand

Brand tracking delivers each and every mention of your <keywords> in real time. Monitor exactly how your brand, product, campaign or event is mentioned on social media.

We use artificially-intelligent technology to automatically determine the sentiment of your brand mentions, giving you insights into how users perceive your brand.

Get notified instantly when a post requires immediate attention and speed-up your response time to safeguard your brand’s reputation.

Use <content verification> to identify content posted by your brand on social media

Keep an eye on your brand’s social media posts to ensure your community manager or digital agency is posting the correct content at the right frequency.

Track all the posts that your brand has made and ensure they match your brand message and tone.

Use <engagement metrics> to monitor the performance of your posts

Measure the performance of each post by checking your engagement metrics.

Identify the type of posts that perform best, analyse them and create your own formula for success on social media.

Free reports on demand

amaSocial's in-depth reports show you the results of your social media activity. Get a summary of your brand's performance, targets that have been reached and a list of potential influencers. Tailored reports, which include graphs and data insights, can also be downloaded.

Hourly Insights

We know that instant access to your social media data is something that your brand requires, which is why amaSocial offers hourly insights that group your social media data into intervals; these insights allow you to compare data from one hour to the next. Data values include the author, social platform and AVE, to name a few. You can use this data to spot trends across specific times, pinpoint the exact timeline of a crisis and to identify patterns in how your audience is engaging with your brand or campaign. You have instant access to data from previous days so that you can quickly find mentions that you are looking for.

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